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Evolution of an Artist: Erica Rogers

Erica Rogers is a Nebraska climber and a long time friend of our Boulder crew. A number of years ago she decided to pursue art as a hobby. That hobby turned into a talent and she has rendered some of our climbing and life pursuits on the canvas.

Based on a photo by Ron Propri, a street-wise depiction of Tyler's first day climbing

She gave me the above painting in 2006. The portrait is of Tyler scaling a Sport Park 5.8 on his and Ron’s first day climbing. Over the years, our walls have benefited from her creativity. As we’ve become better climbers, fine tuning our technique and searching for greater challenges, she has also become more precise with a brush and more daring in her themes. Erica is along the Front Range this week to visit friends, family and join the crew for the annual Shelf Road adventure.

Keep reading to see a few of her more recent works, including our brand new living room centerpiece.

In celebration of Ron and Ryan's legendary Scottish Betsy brew

The above painting commemorates Ron and Ryan’s home brewed Scottish Ale, dubbed “Scottish Betsy.” The beer was so good that I was compelled to translate the dance steps on my tongue into words on the label:

Scottish Betsy
This mystical Scottish ale celebrates the blue-collar village traditions of Youngstown, Ohio while maintaining the flavorful personality of its brewmaster and lover Ronald James Propri that can only be born of Boulder, Colorado. The light hops commingle with the fresh Rocky Mountain snowmelt to lend a bite that flirts about the lips and dances off the tongue before settling in with a graceful aftertaste. But don’t be fooled by the effervescence of Scottish Betsey’s nostalgic interaction with your sophisticated palate. Her rich amber color and malty aroma will leave you satisfied like you just rubbed one out in a Scottish nunnery.

Maybe one day soon we’ll convince Ron and Ryan to recreate their epic Scottish masterpiece.

The Raging Butterfly and Mt. Scheermore: Tyler, Adam, Neef, Ron

Finally, this is Erica’s most recent gift. What can one say? Tyler swimming the Butterfly into a pool of ink, Ron, Neef, Tyler and I stoically keeping watch over the nation, Erica’s hands and the broken wrist she received from punching Tyler in the shoulder. I have a cavernous butt-chin to go with my chiseled brow. The painting is more than three feet tall and a couple feet wide. Indeed, the image is poetry and the ideas behind it are prose.

Thanks, Erica for the amazing gifts. We’re all looking forward to see your work continue to evolve. If you’d like to see Erica’s works, our home is a showcase. Stop on by.

Thanks to Ron Propri for professional images.

Eli Powell - Wow. What amazing paintings. I’ve seen the first two (of course), but the last one is amazing and beautiful.

On a related note, I’m a little ashamed to admit this is the first article I’ve READ (not skimmed or looked at pictures) in months. Thank you for sharing Adam, you just made my day.

EliApril 7, 2011 – 6:03 pm

E.F.R. - Thanks, Eli.

P.S. READ MORE.April 11, 2011 – 6:23 pm

Adam - Eli, we missed you and Amy at Shelf this last weekend. Thanks for checking out the post. Lizz said you two got a big step forward in your wedding plans. Thanks again for the photos the week before. I was happy to be able to give you a well deserved shout out for your photography skillz last Friday.

Hope to make it out with you soon.April 11, 2011 – 11:23 pm

Phil - Would love to get back in touch with Ron. I’m sure he remembers me from YSU, Germany and JapanJuly 20, 2012 – 9:30 am

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