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Workout Without Equipment (1)

It’s easy to get a good climbing workout without any equipment. Everyone knows about push-up & sit-ups, here are a few exercises to add to your routine. The following exercises are part of the Athletik Spesifik general conditioning routine (Thanks Dave!). I don’t know the names of some of ‘em, so excuse me if I get them wrong.

Exercise: Front Plank
Muscles: Core strength (specifically abs), shoulders, back
Benefit: Steep terrain, lockoff strength, body tension

Lay on stomach. Move up on to forearms and toes. Forearms are parallel, feet are shoulder width apart, body straight. Crunch abs, arch back “like a cat”, elbow angle should be 90 degrees or less. Hold position for 20 seconds. Repeat.Front plank- great for core strengthcore strength makes good climbers

Easier: Allow hands to move towards one another, forearms will not be parallel. Make elbow angle no smaller than 90 degrees.

Harder: Lift one hand to chest, maintain body (especially hips) parallel to ground. Switch arms, the back for climbing strength

Even harder: With one hand at chest, turn body towards the arm on the ground. If you’re doing it right, this should hurt.

Exercise: Core Bridge
Muscles: Core specifically obliques and lower back, quads, butt
Benefits: Reducing barndooring and staying tight on steep stuff

Lay on back, knees bent, arms straight up in the arm. Raise hips to make a straight line between shoulder-hip-knee. Feet at shoulder width, lower leg making 90 degree with ground. Hold for 20 seconds, repeat.
climbing exercise- bridge
Harder: Lift one foot. Continue the straight line from shoulders to toe. Keep hips parallel to ground. This is the real workout- do both legs.

core strength is important for climbing
Exercise: Hamstring leg raises
Muscles: Hamstrings
Benefits: Heel hooks, arête squeezing

Sit on butt with legs straight in front. Put arms behind you with fingers facing away from toes, hands flat on ground. Raise hips to make a straight line from feet to shoulders. Keep arms slightly bent. Raise one leg ten times, switch legs. Repeat.
good for heel hooks and arete climbinghamstring exercise for climbing

Jen - Hey, thanks for posting these. The hamstring leg raises really hurt my wrists. Is this a matter of poor form? Is there a way I can work around it? Thanks!December 20, 2010 – 10:58 pm

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