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Workout Without Equipment (2)

Ok, here’s more climbing exercises you can do without any equipment…

Exercise: Spiderman, Spiderman Press
Muscles: Shoulders, abs, chest
Benefits: Power, tension

Set up as for a Front Plank- facing ground with feet shoulder width apart, forearms on ground and parallel. Highstep one leg so foot is outside of elbow, move leg back down, switch sides, repeat. A set of ten each side is a good start.spiderman exercise for climbing

Easier: Modify as per Front Plank easier modification
Harder: Move on to hands as in a push-up. When foot is next to elbow, do a push-up
spiderman press for climbing
Exercise: Jack Knife Sit-Ups
Muscles: Abs
Benefits: Body tension especially footwork on steep terrain.

Lay on your back. Raise left knee, left foot flat, right hand in small of back. Raise right foot, and sit up. Touch right foot with left hand. Do ten reps, switch sides.jack knife sit ups equals core strenth
climbing sit up
Again, thanks to Dave at Athletik Spesifik for the exercises.

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