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Workout Without Equipment (3)

Here’s the last set of exercises…

Exercise: One Leg Squat
Muscles: Legs
Benefits: Overall fitness, balance

Stand next to a chair, raise one leg in front of you, arms out for balance. Squat until you hit the chair. Pop up as fast as possible- try to only touch the chair, not weight it. The foot on the ground should be right next to the chair, and keep you back straight.
Climbing exercise: One Leg Squat
Climbing exercise: One leg squatExercise: Leg Swing
Muscles: n/a
Benefits: Balance

Stand on one leg. Keep legs straight. Swing the other leg straight in front of you and then behind you without touching the ground at the low point. Try for ten swings without stopping for balance. Switch legs, repeat.Balance exercise for climbingExercise: Tricep pushes
Muscles: Triceps
Benefits: Boulder topouts, lock off strength

Arrange a chair next to a wall. Address the chair as for sitting. Put you hands on the chair with straight arms, and straight legs in front on the ground. Drop down with arms, raise up to original position. Repeat.
tricep pushes for climbingtricep pushes for climbingOne last thanks to Dave for all the exercises. Dave is one of the premier climbing trainers on the Front Range. Some of his clients are professionals with 5.14/ V14 climbs. He also training the “everyman” to achieve whatever goals they have. With his help, I was able to redpoint my first 5.13 a couple months back.

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