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Be Persistent & Consistent

Okay, it sounds obvious, keep trying til you send. But there’s more to this tactic.

Last spring I started working Sonic Youth in Clear Creek. Every week or two I’d drudge up there, struggle for a couple hours, then nurse my wounds. It was the least excited I’ve ever been about a climb. This route wasn’t my style, and was too hard for me at the time.

Pick the right project to stay stoked about working it. It helps me to know the history of a climb, and like the line/ type of climbing. As far as difficulty: This probably means 1 number grade harder than your on-sight level for roped climbing, and 1-2 V grades harder than your best send.

Chris Rollings on Sonic Youth (5.13a) (photo by Lucas Marshall). Chris took at least three trips (read: 1644 Miles, 48 Hrs driving, $150 in gas) to send this route. That’s persistence.

The gym has always been my sanctuary from all of life’s complications, so it’s no problem to go regularly. However, it can be hard to regularly push myself. If this is a problem, try:

Switching it up- Boulder instead of roping up or vice versa

Climb with a partner- There’s no better way to push yourself, other than friendly competition

Make a schedule and write it down- Train with weights a couple days, boulder a couple days, do laps, etc.

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