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Massage Basics

[Insert joke about masturbation here], but seriously, I get really sore and massage helps loosen up tight muscles, and get rid of knots. I just got a deep tissue massage today.

Deep tissue massage involves a lot of pressure and movement ACROSS the muscle fibers. Here are some resources and techniques I’m using for self massage of my forearms.

A basic rundown of the anatomy of the forearm is found here. It seems to me that the main muscles linked to fingers control are below the muscles used to control the wrist. This means you need to press really hard. The finger control muscles come more to the surface near the elbow, so it’s a little easier to massage there.

Typical position and movement for forearm massage
A good massage for the opposition muscles of the forearms is found here.

Andrew has a great tool for working the knots out of the back. It’s similar to this, but maybe he’ll post up the exact item. This thing works!

Well that’s all I got, as you can see I’m no expert on this. If you have any tips, etc. please post ’em up in the comments.


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