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Livin the Dream: Part 3

After the weekend of awesome climbing in Redrocks, it was drive time! I was finally packed up and moved out of my apartment and I started driving back to “The Good Life” here in Nebraska. I met my Dad up at Fort Robinson for some deer hunting but had no luck after 2 days of hunting. We decided to come home and spend some time resting, clearing out my truck, and preparing for another week of climbing in SW Colorado.

I know a small number of you have had the privilege of climbing in Big Gypsum Valley in SW Colorado. For those of you who have not, if you get the chance GO!!!! Katy Nelson took me and some other Nebraska climbers out to this area in mid November. Let just say all the hype and other good things that she has passed on to me were true and then some! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the area because my camera died. Boo. Looks like you will just have to go for your self to experience this awesome area! Some climbs that we did were The Splitter 5.10 (excellent #2 hand crack), Live Coals 5.11 (spectacular thin arete face climb), and Psycho Path 5.9 on Psycho Tower.

Being home for Thanksgiving and Christmas were a nice rest and preparation period with lots of family time and partying with old and new friends. I have been keeping myself busy by climbing at both the UNL and UNO gyms and eating pizza at the best pizza and beer place on earth, Yai-Yai’s!!! Somewhere in all this I made it out to Boulder for 12 days to finally take my WFR (Wilderness First Responder) course and climb in Eldo. Adam Sheer and I made it out on a “warm” day to find some sun and good cragging. We found both at the Roof Routes in Eldo. the hard-man know only as “Adam” lead up some scary but fulfilling 11’s to give us both a good work out.

Whats next you might ask? Just wait…..cause it just gets better!

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