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Everything itches; a cloud of dust is in the air and covering my body. I’m slowly suffocating beneath my mask, why am I doing this?

This was the start of Ruckus Climbing: a dank garage, some foam, polyurethane, and Luke Kearns. Luke is a veteran route setter at the Boulder Rock Club (BRC). Part artist and part athlete, Luke started producing climbing holds to expand his possibilities when setting.

His holds are antagonist to climbers and the simulated rocks of many climbing hold manufacturers. Focusing on simple geometric designs, Luke has produced a breadth of unique and challenging climbing holds.

His relationship with the BRC payed off, as they became the first (and largest) buyer of his holds. Ruckus Climbing is growing. Between setting and coaching the BRC’s Junior Climbing team, Luke is increasing production, shapes, and distribution.

With the growth of indoor and competition climbing, there will always be a market for new holds. Ruckus is producing particularly durable holds with interesting shapes, and he can be contacted via the Ruckus climbing website (link here).

E.F.R. - Eli, the new layout looks awesome! Keep up the great work!February 3, 2010 – 12:47 am

Mary Ann - Hi Eli,

I love the way the updated site looks! It’s a breeze to use and simple to find things.February 5, 2010 – 6:59 am

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