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Mexico Reflections by Andrew

A wave of panic and confusion wash over me as I slip back into consciousness from a restful nights sleep.  Where am I?  Where are the familiar night noises of roosters, dog fights, and the howling wind?  Where is my good friend Eli gently snoring beside me?  Where is the warm shining sun gently caressing my face telling me its time to get out of my sleeping bag?  Where is the moist tent wall 3 inches from my face?  All these questions enter my brain at the same time and cause my mental well being to fly south for the winter.  I slowly start to realize that I am finally in my own bed and not destroying my body and mind in the art of rock climbing.  This realization is both calming and saddening.  I am glad that I know where I am but upset that there will be no climbing magnificent limestone walls today.  I lay still in my warm bed with the beautiful, cold, and snowy sunrise developing outside my window recalling my most recent climbing adventure.  An adventure where life long connections were made with new and beautiful souls, existing friendships were strengthened, and where awe inspiring nature crept into my being.

Potrero Chico Mexico is a place you simply have to experience to fully understand.  The first thing that comes to mind is “Vacation Climbing”!  We would get up unhurried with the sun and decide what and if we were going to climb that day.  We would eventually get going about 10am, a true locals start, and walk the “gruelling” 10 minutes to the crag.   Climbs ranging from 1 to 23 pitches fell to our climbing prowess as the sun slowly darkened our skin and enlightened our souls.  Getting our daily dose of adrenaline in for the day, we headed back to the campsite just in time to take a dip in the pool and allow the sun dry us.  The evening atmosphere was where the real spirit of climbing resides.  All the climbers that were out doing battle with there own minds and chosen rock challenges would gather in the communal kitchen and share the days activities.  Stories, beer, thoughts, music, wants, hopes, and dreams are all laid out on the table.  Friends are made very quickly and before you know it everyone acts like life long friends.

The 2 weeks existing in Potrero Chico flew by in a blur of chalk and cactus and before we knew it it was time to head back home.  Leaving all our new found friends that morning was emotional with hugs for everyone and talks of adventures in other locations.  The climbing community is small so chances are good that we will run into eachother in the future.

With my soul content with the recollection of happy memories I get out of bed with a smile on my face ready to take on anything the world has to throw at me…..

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