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“You came all the way from Colorado just to shit in my bathroom?” This was the greeting we got Sunday morning before heading out for a day of burying ourselves in Vedauwoo’s burly cracks. If the shithouse was built of brick, it might have been as rugged as the man issuing our welcome. From the look of his thick, dirty blond mustache, his thick, coarse hands and his thick, dense chest, the man was none other than Vedauwoo legend Bob Scarpelli.

Bob Scarpelli

Pete Takeda profiles Scarpelli here for the Alpinist. Through Scarpelli, he tells the story of Vedauwoo, or maybe it’s better to say that through Vedauwoo he tells the story of Scarpelli. Check it out if you’re looking for a great read. Thanks to Ryan for bringing this profile to my attention. More on our trip to Vedauwoo to come…

Adam Scheer - The link to the Scarpelli Alpinist article no longer works. I’ve scoured the internet for the article, but have had no luck. It’s a little strange that this seems to have evicerated from existence. If you find the article, please leave a link below.April 20, 2012 – 12:02 pm

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