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Shuteye Ridge

My first trip to Shuteye Ridge ended abruptly when a hail storm flash flooded us back to civilization. Because most access to Shuteye climbing is via legit 4 wheel drive roads or at the minimum high clearance vehicles I’m at the mercy of friends to even consider a trip there. With winter weather approaching and weekend graveyards doing “science” at the synchrotron lurking, I figured my chance to truly experience the beautiful area was done for the year. So when Jonathan put out the call for partners to cruise out in his Xterra crushmobile, I jumped at the opportunity.

Charissa navigating Shangri La, a classic Shuteye Ridge 5.11

Check out a few pics of Charissa putting the crush down on some intricate Shangri La (5.11) sequences and if you have some sunglasses, my farmers tan was on display on the classic Chashmere (5.12b).

Whenever I take a trip somewhere new, I’m always torn between trying to find a “mini project” or to go for onsights. We did a little of both at Shuteye and I’ll have War Eagle (5.12d) in my head during the coming months, having come close but pitching off the last hard move.

Cruxing low on Cashmere (Photo: Charissa Rujanavech)

Photo: Charissa Rujanavech

The highlight of the trip goes to Jonathan with an inspiring ascent of what was a project at the time of guidebook publication, somewhere in the 5.12+/5.13- range. I haven’t climbed it yet, but my suggested rating of 5.13d should definitely push consensus toward the 5.13 end of the spectrum. Nice work, Jonathan!

Jonathan sending (Photo Charissa Rujanavech)

It will probably be a long time before a return trip to Shuteye, but I already can’t wait. Maybe I can find a way to hibernate until then.

Kris Scheer - Great photos… incredible rock colors!October 23, 2013 – 7:30 pm

Eli - Sweet! I’ve really be loving seeing another part of the country through your photos Adam. Talk to you soon.~EOctober 29, 2013 – 9:05 am

Ted L - Looks like a great crag!December 3, 2013 – 4:04 pm

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