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Picture a white, four-story house in the flatlands of Lincoln, Nebraska. It sits on the crest of a small lot with an iron railing leading up the hill to a porch and the front door. The paint is cracked and peeling, the foundation is sinking and the 1920s insulation no longer provides resistance to the bitter winter. Inside, each bare wooden stair creeks its own particular tune and every gust of wind rattles a few loose shingles. Want to rent a room? It will cost you $225 per month or less depending on if the semi-permanent couch surfer chips in.

The keys to this decrepit mansion belong to the core of the University of Nebraska climbing crowd, a bunch of kids in their late teens or early twenties who have one thing in common: they love climbing. They’re obsessed with it.

A few blocks down the road is the rock wall. Shared with a basketball court on campus, the 20 or so routes set on the climbing wall are the source of daily entertainment, training and community after class and fuel discussion, and dreams at night. Whenever the opportunity arises, the ramshackle climbing house is locked up and thoughts of classes and college are deserted in exchange for real rock.

Armed with enthusiasm, a handful of draws and a few ropes, those weekends and road trips would fuse friendships and some of the best memories we’ll always take with us.

Since then, those in the climbing house community have dispersed as often happens to youthful bonds. But in this case, distance has not meant dissolution. We are still as excited about climbing and the friendships the sport has fostered as we were in the days of 8-hour Shelf Road expeditions and Evil Eye malt liquor by the fire. We feel some of that community through the photos and stories shared on Along the way, we’ve met others who value the same aspects of life. The current crew is described below. Each writer brings a novel view and style to climbing. We hope you enjoy reading our adventures, tips and perspectives as much as we enjoy creating them.

Contributors Include:


Adam– Recently established in the Bay Area, Adam spent a summer climbing in Moab before calling Boulder home base for five years. A doctor of physics, he loves trad, sport and has recently found himself enthusiastic about bouldering. Adam has also contributed several pieces to Climbing magazine.


Chris– Strong and motivated, Chris loves it all. As an excellent sport climber, engineer and philosophical thinker based in Omaha, Nebraska, Chris is always training for and dreaming about the next big adventure or the last perplexing problem. Photos of Chris have been featured in Urban Climber and other prominent climbing publications.


Andrew– A recent Boulderite, if he can climb it, he loves it. An electrical engineer or raft guide depending on the temperature in his blood, Andrew enjoys long, moderate alpine routes and will even venture into technical mountaineering and backpacking. He is the true Mr. Outdoors and has done a ton of desert climbing, especially in Las Vegas.


Tyler– A trad and sport climber and former beach guard, Tyler has lived in Boulder for several years. He pushes his limits both mentally and physically and is always up for a new challenge. Tyler is a talented creative writer with a background in English and poetry who can put the reader on the rock with him.


Will– Recently transplanted to Alaska from Fort Collins, Will is a phenomenal boulderer, bassist for the amazing band SOFO and engineer. Still relatively young in the sport, he is sending strong and discovering what it means to be a boulderer in the frozen tundra.


Eli-The creator of and the best off the couch climber this side of the Rockies, Eli’s influence can be felt throughout the site. Page through the archives to find his amazing photography, excellent training tips and original sense of humor. Eli is a boulder wedding photographer by profession, and a crusher by passion.


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