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Our 3 Favorite Bouldering Gyms in Amsterdam (2024 Guide)

best climbing gyms in amsterdam

Let’s be honest about Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general. There’s not much nature, and there are certainly not any mountains to rock climb. As a matter of fact, some parts of the country are below sea level. And don’t get me started on the weather.

However, Amsterdam has many things to make up for the above, and one of them is bouldering gyms.

One can only venture why the Dutch have developed such a strong interest in sport climbing. Regardless of the reasons, climbing gyms, especially bouldering ones, have become quite popular in recent years. In the beginning, they were only a couple meant for die-hard climbers, but new ones have opened up, and most of them are stunning!

In this article, we’ll unveil our favorite bouldering gyms plus one little gem not so many people know about. Let’s go!

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1. Monk

Monk review bouldering gym

Monk is one of the oldest bouldering gyms in Amsterdam. It’s located in the Northern part of the city on the river IJ, in an up-and-coming area with hip places like Garage and Matto. Like most gyms, it’s pretty quiet during the day on weekdays, but it can quickly get busy at night and on the weekend.

The boulders are diverse, with many options for beginners and advanced climbers. Overhangs, slabs, it’s pretty much all there. The place is also kid-friendly, with routes suitable for six and above-year-old children.

monk bouldergym amsterdam

What I personally like the most about this place is the terrace right on the IJ (you can even go for a swim), where you can enjoy a well-deserved coffee after your session. It’s idyllic on sunny days—just don’t tell the tourists!

Also, Monk is well-connected with the international climbing scene and regularly hosts events with top-level athletes like Alex Megos recently.

Note: Monk also has a climbing gym in Zuid-Oost (Sparkleweg), but the routes are much more challenging and NOT beginner-friendly. To give a hint, they don’t offer rental shoes there.


Aambeeldstraat 26
1021 KB Amsterdam

Bouldering only.
Rental shoes are available.
Free parking.

Single-entrance fee: €11,50
Monthly pass: €51

training area bouldering gym

Our verdict

It may not be the largest bouldering gym in Amsterdam, but Monk is our top choice if you’re looking for a great overall climbing experience regardless of your level. The vibe is unique and will make your trip to North worthwhile.

2. Beest Boulders

Beest Boulders review Amsterdam bouldering gym

Beest Boulders is one of the new kids on the block in Amsterdam. Or shall we say “new kid on the boulder”? Am I right? Ok, I’ll see myself out. Anyway, that’s not even true because Beest Boulders is part of Klimmuur, one of the venerable climbing organizations in the Netherlands with branches in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, and Haarlem.

However, the main focus of Klimuur has been on roped climbing until bouldering started becoming trendy in Amsterdam and catching a life of its own. They have a small bouldering area in their Klimuur Centraal gym, but you may want to pass on those. It’s not on par with our selection here.

Beest Boulders training area

So, back to Beest Boulders, Klimuur’s new location. Some bouldering gyms are big; Beest Boulders is huge. 3,200 m2 with 260 boulders, imagine that! As you can expect from such a huge space, there are many different types of boulders: overhangs and slabs; it’s got it all to become an all-around climber. It’s also great that their grade color system breaks down the progression from 5A to 6A into different colors. 6A is a difficult milestone to reach for any intermediate climber, so having a variety of routes and colors to get there helps a lot!

The place is located in Bos en Lommer, just below Westerpark. Like any spot in the city, it’s easily accessible by bike or public transport. It also has a restaurant with a terrace that you can work from and a small training facility if you fancy doing some calisthenics. Pro tip: afterward, enjoy a coffee at one of the best coffee places in Amsterdam: Friedhats FUKU!


Willem de Zwijgerlaan 338B
1055 RD Amsterdam

Bouldering only.
Rental shoes are available.

Single-entrance fee: €11.50 (+€5 for the card the first time)
Monthly pass: €50 (€45.8 if you commit for a year)

Beest Boulders bar restaurant cafe

Our verdict

The huge space that offers Beest is undoubtedly a major advantage. It’s perfect if you’re coming over to do your thing and focus without any distraction. At the same time, it’s such a vibrant place that it’s also ideal if you want to meet other climbers. The setting may not be as frequent as in other gyms, but there are so many routes that it’s impossible to get bored even if you come three times a week.

3. Beta Boulders

Beta Boulders review Amsterdam Zuid

Originally hailing from Copenhagen, Beta Boulders’ Amsterdam offshoot opened right at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Despite the hurdles, this gym quickly emerged as one of the best bouldering spots in the city.

The gym is quite big, with over 150 boulders offering the perfect mix of slab, vertical, and overhanging walls. What’s more, the place even has an arch! The training area is decent enough with good gear like a bench press and moonboards.

Beta Boulders AMS arch bouldering gym

Beta Boulders are located just next to the Olympic Stadium in Zuid (south) in the Citroën Garage, a monument building designed by Jan Wils in 1931 that was recently renovated.

Lastly, Beta Boulders has modern facilities with a dedicated coworking area with a somewhat silent room to focus in between climbs.


Stadionplein 18
1076 CM Amsterdam

Bouldering gym only.

Rental shoes are available.
Co-working area (access is included with your bouldering entry).

Single-entrance fee: €12.50 (peak) / €11 (off-peak)
Monthly pass: €42 to €69, depending on how long you commit.

Beta Boulders climbing walls hall

Our verdict

Beta Boulders is perhaps the best gym to start bouldering. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, so you can be sure that they’ll put you at ease if you’re just starting. At the same time, experienced boulderers will enjoy the variety of boulder problems to test and sharpen their skills. Beta also organizes regular events and courses to progress and mingle with other boulderers.

Bonus: University Sports Center (USC)

USC bouldering review boulder gym

Ok, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s a reason why we would include a small gym in this selection while there are other much bigger ones available like Het Lab.

But let’s start with a little presentation. USC is the official organization for student sports activities in Amsterdam. They have many locations all over the city, and the largest one is at Science Park (Amsterdam Oost, near Flevopark). There, you’ll find a climbing wall for top rope and lead climbing and a bouldering wall on the last floor.

Compared to other gyms, it’s dirt cheap if you’re a student or staff. If not, bad luck, you’ll have to pay more, but it’s still a bit cheaper than other gyms.

USC Boulderen training area

However, let’s be very direct (the Dutch way): the USC bouldering wall is the smallest we know in Amsterdam. To compensate, the staff sets new routes regularly and registers them in TopLogger (an app to track your ascents). The lessons are also very high-quality, with passionate trainers introducing you to bouldering and helping you progress.

And now the secret: USC Science Park has a sauna! Yup, that’s right. You can access it for free with any membership, making it the only climbing gym to our knowledge with such a facility in Amsterdam.


Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam

Bouldering and climbing.

Rental shoes are available.

Single-entrance fee: €9
Monthly pass: €28.5 (1-year) or €37 (flex)

That’s it. We’ve shared with you our favorite bouldering gyms in Amsterdam, so over to you folks. What are your favorite bouldering gyms in Amsterdam, and why? Let us know in the comments!

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