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Blackout Revisited

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Note: this text was originally published by Adam S. on an earlier version of Climbing House.

A couple days ago, I looked at the ad content of Dead Point Magazine. Today I checked out a couple other mags- Climbing, and Rock and Ice. Results below…

These results really came as a surprise to me. The magazine I hold in the highest regard (of the three) had the most ad content. The cheapest magazine (DPM cost=free) had the least ads.

So I’m trying to find out why R+I (and Climbing) make such a positive impression on me despite the abundant ad content. I think it’s because the content is more compelling, so it outweighs the additional ad space. Additionally, it may be related to the type of ads (see image below).

born out there First Ascent
This ad for First Ascent clothing is compelling & not intrusive

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