TBA Climbing Philosophy

Bouldering refers to a specific type of rock climbing, one that we believe to embody the very essence of rock climbing. Scaling boulders rarely getting above ten feet high (unencumbered by ropes), boulderers are free to explore their true potential without fear of injury. The freedom and simplicity of bouldering allows the mind and body to learn the most basic mechanics of rock climbing while exposing the climber to the art of climbing in its most pure form.

Bouldering is all about keen spatial awareness and quieting the mind to achieve what at first may seem insurmountable. Unlocking the puzzle and solving the climbing “problem” is a personally fulfilling and highly satisfying experience, one which ultimately develops the broader confidence needed to conquer even greater types of challenges. Therein lies the attraction of bouldering, a chess game of mind and body.

Chattanooga is an internationally-recognized rock climbing destination where climbers and boulderers come to test their skill on sandstone cliffs and boulders. But before they enter the arena of the improbable they often hone their skills indoors, scaling man-made structures set to test their strengths and weaknesses.

The Tennessee Bouldering Authority (TBA) in St. Elmo was built with this end in mind. We offer a training facility specifically built to develop climbing strength and engage the mind. All the tools are available to take you from a novice to an expert level in a comfortable and welcoming environment. TBA is an indoor bouldering gym unlike any other: we do not have walls to climb, we created sculptures. We didn’t duplicate real rock, we created something entirely new using bold colors and angles. Cordura covered padding, two feet thick, makes falling pleasurable and ropes obsolete. System training boards, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, weights, and an 80-pound punching bag create a well rounded training facility. In addition to all of this, our eleven 8′ windows, comfortable lounge area, and fresh sound system combine to complete the energetic ambiance and inviting culture for which TBA is so well know… without these, TBA would be just another run-of-the-mill sterile and uninspiring climbing gym.

Perhaps even more importantly, TBA presents services geared to facilitate the transition to the vertical world. Tricks of the trade are generously shared with all visitors. Personal sessions, routines, and diets are available to further enhance your core strength and abilities, as well as safety courses to prepare you for future rope work. Ladies and youth sessions are available weekly. Guided day, weekend, and week-long bouldering and sport climbing trips are also available. If you have the will, we’ll provide the knowledge and tools to show you the way!

Chattanooga’s Indoor Bouldering Facility

The Tennessee Bouldering Authority offers a complete bouldering and training experience for Chattanooga climbers of all experience levels.  They’ve got great amenities and the coolest indoor climbing culture in the area!

  • 3,000 ft2 Climbing Wall
  • Personal Training
  • Yoga Classes
  • Training Area (with weights)
  • Snacks & Drinks
  • Free Wireless Internet Access
  • Birthday and Group Party Rates
  • Team-Building Opportunites
  • Lock-in’s
  • Summer/Winter/Holiday Camps
  • Youth Climbing Team
  • Kid’s Classes

This Chattanooga bouldering gym provides you with all the tools to develop your climbing skills; steep climbing surfaces, wall-to-wall padding, campus, and system boards.