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Soloing in Eldorado (1)

Last Spring and Summer I wrote a few short pieces related to climbing. Here’s the first one…

Lost in Transition
By Eli Powell

In the summer of 2007, I fulfilled a 5 year dream to move to Colorado. That was the dream- just to move. You see, I went to school in Nebraska, the Flatlands. Where every road trip is to higher ground, and internet climbing is the norm.
After settling in, a funny thing happened, the dream was gone. Colorado wasn’t as e
xpected; there was no campfire bullshitting, pizza eating, or pull up contests. My dream was hollow without the friends I loved.

I called my climbing mentor for guidance. He spat out a hundred routes he’d do if only he were in my position. I scribbled route names and started planning. Their dreams would be my reality.

I found a couple of climbing partners, but it wasn’t the same. No Wednesday night beers, no dirty jokes. But I kept ticking the routes, and sending updates back home.
Eventually I found some friends with whom to climb. Work started to slow, and my Flatlands To-Do list was complete.

On a crisp December day, I ducked out of work and drove to Eldo. The canyon was empty, the rock was dry. Hopping on a Wind Tower classic, I half joked, “You’d better be sure, 100 percent.” My constant partner stopped our conversation mid-pitch. I paused as Gravity tugged gently down, I was again living my dream as I floated up.

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I got a warm email from Katy yesterday. She gets it (that’s no surprise!). Climbing is how I’ve made life long friends, shared wonderful experiences, stayed healthy, enjoyed movement and challenged myself. Here are a few of my favorite climbing photos:

Kate and Tommy’s Wedding

Vegas Motel 6- First shower in a week x 10 people
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So I’m starting a Blog

Matt Davis at Outek first told me a “Blog” was a “Web-Log”, and I told him it was stupid.  Well Outek is long out of business, and blogs are a good way to get non commercial information, and share with friends.

This is my Blog.  I plan on talking about climbing and how it relates to my life.  Main topics will include: gear, spray, life & climbing.
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