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If there’s one climber who doesn’t need an introduction, it’s certainly Alex Honnold. He became a household name after the release of the Academy Award winner Free Solo documentary and forever entered the pantheon of climbing legends with his epic climb of El Capitan.

While climbing shoes don’t make climbers, they can amplify one’s qualities or get in the way if they are not suitable for the terrain. As such, Alex Honnold’s collection provides good insights on how to pick the right tool for the job. La Sportiva, the leading climbing shoe brand in the world, sponsors him.

ModelClimbing StylesClimbs
La Sportiva TC ProBig wall & crack climbingFreerider (Free Solo route), Fitzroy Traverse (Patagonia, Argentina), The Nose (speed record with Hans Florine on this classic El Capitan route)
La Sportiva Miura VSAll-roundRegular Northwest Face of Half Dome (Yosemite), Moonlight Buttress (Utah), Wet Lycra Nightmare (Yosemite), Sendero Luminoso (Mexico), The Mandala (boulder problem in California)
La Sportiva SolutionSport climbingArrested Development (Nevada)
La Sportiva SkwamaGym climbingHonnold partners with Movement Gyms, a network of indoor climbing facilities in the US
La Sportiva Xplorer Mid GTXApproachThese are the shoes Honnold and Caldwell wore to reach the Fitz Traverse.
La Sportiva Miura climbing shoes
La Sportiva Miura Fit: Performance
Stiffness: Balanced
Best Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Bouldering, Sport
Level: Intermediate

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La Sportiva Solution Fit: Performance
Best Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Bouldering, Sport
Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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La Sportiva TC Pro Fit: Performance
Stiffness: Stiff
Best Uses: Outdoor, Trad
Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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La Sportiva Skwama Fit: Performance
Stiffness: Soft
Best Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Bouldering, Sport, Trad
Level: Intermediate

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