Find a Climbing Coach

When it comes to climbing, having a knowledgeable and experienced coach can make a world of difference to get out of a plateau and reach the next level. By analyzing your practice, they can give you incredible pointers and get you out of bad habits that will burden your progress down the line.

Most importantly, coaching can play a great role in keeping you injury-free, meaning on the wall, which is all that matters at the end of the day.

However, how should you go about it? Ask at your local gym, get a personalized plan from a reputable service like Lattice, or find an independent online coach?

The articles in this section will help you make the right choice. For your convenience, we’ll also provide a directory. Below are a few links to get started.

Are you a climbing coach? Get in touch if you want to get listed.

List of Coaches

Neil Gresham

Online coaching & training plans

Alex Puccio & Robin O’Leary

Training plans, online and in-person coaching

Lattice Training

Training plans, online and in-person coaching

Emily Taylor

Individual training sessions, training camps and clinics

Eric Hörst

Online training consultation

Matt Pincus & Alex Stiger

Online coaching and training plans.


  • Tim Kang
  • Josh Horsley
  • Dan Beall
  • Nilo Batle

In-person and online coaching, training plans.